How To Understand And Apply SwingTracker Data To Your Swing

PITTSBURGH – Throughout the swing, SwingTracker captures data – lots of data. 11,000 data points per second to be exact.

All this information is then sent from the sensor to the mobile and web apps, giving you an abundant array of information that you can use, analyze and interpret relative to your swing.

But what exactly does all that information mean? And how does one apply it all to their swing?

While it can seem overwhelming at first, all this information is there to help. You just have to know where to look, what to look for and then when you find it, understand what that means.

For today’s post we will examine the SwingTracker mobile app.

Let’s explore…

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Saber Seminar Social Recap

Saber Seminar

BOSTON – The fifth annual Saber Seminar – a sabermetrics, scouting and science of baseball seminar featuring baseball’s top coaches, statisticians, scouts, doctors, and scientists – took place this past weekend in Boston, MA.

Diamond Kinetics took part in the two-day event as both a sponsor and presenter, along with many other highly-respected baseball minds such as DK technical advisor Dr. Alan Nathan, Beyond The Box Score writer Dr. Bryan Cole and University of Missouri physician Dr. Aaron Gray.

Below is a social recap of this weekend’s events:

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