DiamondCLUB Web App Receives Stunning Visual Updates


PITTSBURGH – Diamond Kinetics’ web-based DiamondCLUB app has received project-wide visual style changes that complement and partner perfectly with the recently updated SwingTracker mobile app.

With the new and improved visuals, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the web app is now similar to that of the iOS app. Very few functional or structural changes have been made, but almost every User Interface (UI) element – widgets, forms, buttons, icons – has had a change in appearance.

While DiamondCLUB has undergone a stunning cosmetic change, it is important to note that none of the logic behind DiamondCLUB has changed. Users will still have the same top-notch experience they experienced with the previous version of the web app, but with a new GUI.

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How To Understand And Apply SwingTracker Data To Your Swing

PITTSBURGH – Throughout the swing, SwingTracker captures data – lots of data. 11,000 data points per second to be exact.

All this information is then sent from the sensor to the mobile and web apps, giving you an abundant array of information that you can use, analyze and interpret relative to your swing.

But what exactly does all that information mean? And how does one apply it all to their swing?

While it can seem overwhelming at first, all this information is there to help. You just have to know where to look, what to look for and then when you find it, understand what that means.

For today’s post we will examine the SwingTracker mobile app.

Let’s explore…

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The Donut Hole in OBA Due to Exit Velocity + Launch Angle

PITTSBURGH – On Friday, Diamond Kinetics’ Technical Advisor Dr. Alan Nathan released a series of tweets explaining the potential results of a batted ball, relative to launch angle and exit velocity. 

In his first tweet seen above, Dr. Nathan references ‘the donut hole’. This usually refers to a gap in the middle of a series (usually referenced mainly in medicare costs). 

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Dispelling The Mystery of Pitch Speed

PITTSBURGH – In the midst of our Science of Baseball conversation with Dr. Alan Nathan during the Home Run Derby, a simple but astute question was posed.

“How much does pitch speed effect the distance a ball travels?”

The thought behind the question being, “If MLB players are hitting the ball 440 feet during the Home Run Derby with grooved batting practice pitches going roughly 70 mph or so, how far could they hit the ball if they had a grooved 90 mph pitch?”

Dr. Nathan responded with the Tweet you see at the top of this post.

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Is There Momentum In Baseball?

Dr. William Clark is the co-founder of Diamond Kinetics and has been an active researcher and innovator in the field of dynamic systems and control for over 25 years. He is currently Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Pittsburgh. In the following piece, he discusses impact momentum and how ball exit speed is affected by many different factors. 

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