Can J.T. Realmuto Be A 20/15 Catcher


PITTSBURGH – After multiple injuries to superstar players (Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez, Christian Yelich), firing their manager in-season (Mike Redmond) and overall poor performance by a host of veteran and free agent acquisitions (Mat Latos, Dan Haren), the emergence of prospect-turned-everyday-player, J.T. Realmuto has been a bright spot in the midst of another lost season for the Miami Marlins.

Over the course of 114 games, Realmuto has hit 10 home runs to go along with 45 RBI, 46 runs and seven stolen bases, while slashing .253/.284/.404. In September, he is hitting .368/.366/.658 with three home runs, including a 10-game hit streak dating back to August 31.

The 10 home runs over the course of the year are tied for 12th-most amongst everyday catchers (i.e. – those who only play catcher and not another position), while the seven stolen bases are the most of any catcher this year.

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Social Recap of Bat Speed/Pitch Speed Twitter Discussion


PITTSBURGH – Yesterday a lively discussion took place on Twitter centered around the physics of baseball, relative to bat speed versus pitch speed.

In his story on St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Stephen Piscotty, FanGraphs writer Eno Sarris linked to a study done by Diamond Kinetics’ Technical Advisor Alan Nathan entitled “Regulating The Performance of Baseball Bats”.

The key takeaway, or line, used by Sarris in his story was Dr. Nathan’s assertion in his study that, “bat speed is six times more important than pitch speed.”

From there, we retweeted Sarris’ FanGraphs story with that line as the quote tweet.

The following discussion ensued…

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Saber Seminar Social Recap

Saber Seminar

BOSTON – The fifth annual Saber Seminar – a sabermetrics, scouting and science of baseball seminar featuring baseball’s top coaches, statisticians, scouts, doctors, and scientists – took place this past weekend in Boston, MA.

Diamond Kinetics took part in the two-day event as both a sponsor and presenter, along with many other highly-respected baseball minds such as DK technical advisor Dr. Alan Nathan, Beyond The Box Score writer Dr. Bryan Cole and University of Missouri physician Dr. Aaron Gray.

Below is a social recap of this weekend’s events:

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Nelson Cruz Is Hitting Tons of Home Runs Away From Safeco Field

PITTSBURGH – On Tuesday, Nelson Cruz of the Seattle Mariners became the first Major Leaguer with two streaks of five consecutive games with a home run in the same season since Chase Utley in 2008, and one of just four players to accomplish that feat in the past 45 years (Barry Bonds, 2001), (Frank Thomas, 1994) and (Harmon Killebrew, 1970).

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