Not All SwingTracker Scores Are Created Equally

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PITTSBURGH – When taking a road trip to a faraway destination there is very often a very specific route to get from Point A to Point B.

Some routes may be obvious, others not so much. But through years and years of use, these specific routes have been deemed the best (or most ideal) way to arrive at a certain destination by the majority of travelers.

Baseball is different, however.

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DK TIPS: How To Improve ‘Trigger To Impact’ Time with Heath Honeycutt of Ninth Inning Baseball

ATLANTA – Training, Instruction, Preparation, Success.

Our DK TIPS series continues today with Heath Honeycutt of Ninth Inning Baseball in Atlanta. In the video above, Heath tells you how to improve your Trigger To Impact time and create more momentum toward the ball at impact.

Heath was an All-American and All-ACC performer at Georgia Tech and was selected in the 4th Round of the 1998 MLB Draft by the Florida Marlins. He played six years in the major leagues for the Marlins, Cincinnati Reds and Arizona Diamondbacks, before taking a position as a scout for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Heath currently owns and operates Ninth Inning Baseball, a Diamond Kinetics Partner Program. 


Training, Instruction, Preparation, Success: Baseball & Softball TIPS from Diamond Kinetics

NORTH SHORE, PGH – To kick off July, Diamond Kinetics would like to formally introduce a new baseball and softball instructional series – TIPS – aimed to provide the very best in Training, Instruction, Preparation and Success for players of all ages.

The recurring series will provide exclusive content from Diamond Kinetics’ very own partner programs and training facilities stationed all around the country.

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Analyzing Trigger To Impact Time

Trigger To Impact Data

(please note that the blue bars in the data set are from the initial data analysis of the SwingTracker data, while the red bars are from the second data analysis of the SwingTracker data. The blue bar outlier that registered near zero can be ignored) 

NORTH SHORE, PGH – At Diamond Kinetics we define ‘Trigger To Impact‘ time as the amount of time elapsed from the start of your forward bat motion, to the moment of impact. In the batting cage they simply call it “a guy with quick hands”.

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