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“SwingTracker technology is making the baseball bat buying experience easier and exponentially more informative.”


“This is a valuable tool as it can make the game easier to master for kids, more interactive and, as a result, more fun.”


“A North Side start-up has developed a product that could help the next generation of hitters build better swings.”


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has unveiled the finalists for its 2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough for innovative wireless products and applications.


“Diamond Kinetics is determined to defy the fundamental natural laws that science compacts with a hitting a baseball, powering the sport’s offensive production forward.”


“The Diamond Kinetics app computes metrics that describe the swing. The raw data is uploaded to cloud storage for more detailed analysis on the web app.”


“The new system called SwingTracker records players swing trajectories in real time and offers information on how to improve their technique.”


“Feeding that information back to the coach or player accelerates training and improvement. It takes the guesswork out of knowing if your swing is improving or not.”


“A new three-dimensional tracking technology…may soon provide a way to help coaches identify explain and improve swing flaws.”

  • Thank you again for the fantastic product! Easy to use, and with the detailed calculations and visual aids, it is super easy to alter and improve your swing with repetition.

    Robert Massung Baseball Dad

  • SwingTracker takes the guesswork out of bat speed, hand speed and approach angle. Now the trainers at C-Side Sports can show a player exactly what they are doing during a swing.

    Chris Sidick Baseball Trainer, C-Side Sports

  • As I was taking swings one afternoon at K-Zone Academy, SwingTracker showed me that I was swinging on a downward plane at contact, rather than an upward plane. Without SwingTracker, I might have never discovered why I couldn’t elevate the ball during that session.

    Damian Henderson Student, K-Zone Academy

  • Given my physics background and long-standing interest in the physics of baseball, linking up with Diamond Kinetics as a Technical Advisor is a match made in heaven!

    Dr. Alan Nathan, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Illinois

  • I’ve been using SwingTracker for three months with my 9-year old son. He hit his first home run off a 10-year old in his game this past Saturday. As a father and coach, it was an amazing moment to witness and be a part of! SwingTracker has played a huge role in perfecting his swing. Thanks for making a great product!

    Dennis Burton Baseball Dad & Coach

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