SwingTracker 3.0.5: Foot Position

PITTSBURGH – The biggest change SwingTracker users will see with the most recent mobile app update is that foot and load calibrations are now taken into account when rendering the 3D view. Because of this, the 3D plane more clearly represents what the player is doing in relation to the field.

The foot calibration moves the player around the box to where the batter would normally stand, and the load calibration is used to set the height of the player.

In terms of foot calibration, the user can now place themselves in the exact spot where they are taking swings, relative to the batter’s box. If you like to stand in the front of the box, the back of the box, close to home or on the outside, SwingTracker 3.0.5 now allows for this!

When setting up a session, select ‘My Foot Position’ and navigate the foot position around until it is set exactly where you prefer, relative to where you stand in the batter’s box. If you would like to change your foot position, just end that session, re-calibrate the foot position, then start a new session!

Happy Swinging!


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