SwingTracker Version 3.0.5

PITTSBURGH – The latest version of the SwingTracker app (3.0.5) has been released today, highlighted by a new and improved 3D view.

The biggest change SwingTracker users will see with the most recent change is that foot and load calibrations are now taken into account when rendering the 3D view. Because of this, the 3D plane more clearly represents what the player is doing in relation to the field. The foot calibration moves the player around the box to where the batter would normally stand, and the load calibration is used to set the height of the player.

Moreover, the swing has been set to always start from the player’s hands.  Taken together this means that the indicators for distance in the zone (the blue coloring) and impact (the red coloring) are in line with the representative field.  If everything is calibrated correctly via the user, you can actually use the blue and red shaded areas to see where the ball was or would have been hit!

The general aesthetics also had a makeover.  The field itself has been rendered in greater detail and the new SwingTracker player is more authentic, relative to representing a real baseball player.

Lastly, the navigation in the 3D view has been improved so that the view button in the bottom right of the viewer changes the view angle each time it’s pressed.

SwingTracker 3.0.5(3D1)

SwingTracker 3.0.5(3D2)
SwingTracker 3.0.5(3D3)
SwingTracker 3.0.5(3D4)


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