The Donut Hole in OBA Due to Exit Velocity + Launch Angle

PITTSBURGH – On Friday, Diamond Kinetics’ Technical Advisor Dr. Alan Nathan released a series of tweets explaining the potential results of a batted ball, relative to launch angle and exit velocity. 

In his first tweet seen above, Dr. Nathan references ‘the donut hole’. This usually refers to a gap in the middle of a series (usually referenced mainly in medicare costs). 

As it applies to baseball, the donut hole here is seen in batted ball results, in terms of balls with 70 mph, 90 mph and 110 mph exit velocities (each with a launch angle of 22 degrees). 

In his research, Dr. Nathan found that the results for the batter will be best if the exit velocity of a batted ball is either 70 mph (bloop single) or 110 mph (home run), if you have a launch angle of 22 degrees.

More specifically, the donut hole in this example is the gap in batted ball average between 70 mph and 110 mph. As Dr. Nathan found, a ball with a exit velocity of 90 mph and launch angle of 22 degrees will be a “lazy fly ball” and most likely be an out. 

Below is the series of tweets from Dr. Nathan: 

— Alan Nathan (@pobguy) July 24, 2015


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